Principal designer, Meagan Macievic, has a love for neo-classical style while incorporating fresh modern elements. Her ability to blend styles is what creates a unique space for each of her clients. Meagan has a passion for her clients and each space reflects beautiful design, attention to detail, use of color and pattern, while being functional for the people who live in the space.

Meagan’s ability to blend styles creates a room that feels timeless while at the same time feeling fresh and current. Meagan specializes in mixing patterns, textures, and styles to create a home that has movement and intrigue, while still being a space in which you can relax with family and friends.

Meagan is originally from California, and studied design at The Art Institute of California, San Diego. Her roots in California bring a relaxed elegance to each of her designs. Meagan Rae Interiors has over ten years experience in the residential and commercial markets of the Salt Lake Valley, Park City, and Southern California.