Keepin' it Classy!

A lot can change over a decade, including our taste in style.  This remodel has an eye for being current by creating a classic backbone.  The backdrop for this Great Room has classic lines and paneling painted in a creamy white for a timeless design.  Adding fabric to the walls by putting up drapery panels really adds warmth to the room as well.  This client really took on the vision we helped them see in this room and literally created this labor of love by installing the paneling on their own.  We then had it painted and did some fresh and current accessorizing to transform this bright and beautiful space!

                                                  BEFORE                                                                                                 AFTER

Cariloha featured on Studio 5 with Meagan Rae Interiors

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I love Cariloha sheets! No really I love them.  I love them to the universe and back again or as my kids would say I love them as big as the whole world.

Why do I love these sheets you ask, simple, I always want my clients to have the best.  Luxury Linens can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  This is usually too high of a price point for most clients.   I like to get a lot of bang for my clients buck.  Many sheets in certain price points are just ok….well just ok is not good enough for my clients.

Then I discovered Cariloha sheets.  They are made from 100% Bamboo.  What does that mean?  Ok, I will send you to their website to find out, really it’s way cool to wear Bamboo so I suggest you read about the benefits.

Cariloha’s price point is perfect and they feel like luxury…in fact I have clients that have replaced every sheet in their home with Cariloha sheets, yes even those ultra expensive, posh fancy sheets.

The Company is in Utah and I wanted the Meagan Rae Interiors team to know all about this product that we recommend to so many of our clients.  The CEO Jeff Pederersen was nice enough to host us and now we are even bigger fans. 

We had a great time thanks for having us Cariloha!

Before & After, The Magic of a Meagan Rae Remodel!

Here are some great Before and After pictures of a house we remodeled recently! It's amazing what a little paint and some new accessories can do for your home!