Framed Fabric Swatches a la Picasso!

In a home I recently did there is a loft area leading to a couple of girl’s bedrooms.  There is a long stretch of wall leading to these rooms that was crying out for attention!  We needed to break up this featureless expanse with some decorative style but our budget didn’t allow for a Picasso mural, so this is what we did as an alternative. 

I created a collection of fabric swatches that mirrored the colors and style of each of the girl’s rooms and took them to my frame company (I used the Framing Establishment).  I chose some gold frames in different sizes, had the Framing Establishment custom cut some white matting to back the fabric swatches and, low and behold, we ended up with a collection fit for an art gallery!  Rather than being just another boring wall in a non-descript hallway, we now have an area of interest with texture, pattern and vibrant color worthy of the Spanish master’s signature.