Doors, Doors, Doors

pederson bathroom.jpg

I had a client with a problem…  “We have too many doors and company can never find the restrooms!”  The home’s main floor has 10 doors, they were all a solid wood.  It reminds me a little of the old game show, “I’ll take door number three, Chuck!”  Well, door number three is a coat closet and that is no help at all to someone in search of relief.  To make choosing the right door easier, I had an idea, we cut the center of the doors out and replaced them with some art glass.  Art glass would provide privacy, a requirement for most people using the bathroom, but it also would let in light, give great character and distinguish that door from all the rest.  The door turned out beautifully and now she just says “Restroom? Oh yes, the door with the glass, don’t worry, nobody can see in…”